Thcik film hybrid

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    Thick film hybrid

    Key Features

    Midas provides full range thick film hybrid circuit application in industrial, communication automotive and national defense.

    Our advantages are in below:
    • Size: 70% Smaller than the traditional PCB
    • Confidentiality: Conformal Coating 
    • Flexible design: Adopted Functional trim which can adjust Voltage, Current, Time, Frequency…etc
    • Precision tolerance: Absolute ±0.1%, Ratio ±0.1%。 
    • Short develop period for 3-6 weeks, lower development cost
    •  Excellent heat dissipation, low noise, high frequency and high reliability 
    • High power and high voltage design

    Our application:

    1. Application in automotive

      (1).Ignition module
      (2).Voltage regulator module
      (3).Idling motor control module
      (4).Thick film resistor for fuel level
      (Be used in both cars and motorcycles)
      (5).Blower resistor for blower motor
      (6).Mass air flow sensor
      (7).Kinds of thick film PCB:

      • Throttle position sensor (TPS)
      • Rotary position sensor
      • Wiper speed
      • Automatic leveling system (ALS)
      • Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor
      • Illumination, thermal… etc.
    2. Application in industrial, communication and national defense

      (1).Signal transfer
      (2).Frequency inverter and motor control
      (3).Industrial controller
      (4).Precision Resistor
      (5).Lightning protection resistor
      (6).High voltage / high power resistor
      (7).Accept customer design


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