Thick film hybrid circuit

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Thick Film Resistor

1. Precision resistor network 2. Absolute accuracy up to ± 0.1% 3. Ratio accuracy up to ± 0.1% 4. Printed at ceramic, FPCB, traditional PCB 5. Used in various types of electronic equipment , including oscilloscope , power supplies , signal generator ... etc. 

Flexible PCB

Rotary Position Sensor We adopt Flexible PCB or ceramic PCB to make rotary position sensor.

Thick Film Ceramic PCB

High precision multi-layer PCB, photo-defined process, application in high power device. Our printing specification: Printing multi-layer, through hole, wrapped around Printing Accuracy: ±2 mil Printing Size: 600mm*400mm (Max) Line width, Line gape: 6mil (Min) Resistor value: 60mΩ~1000MΩ

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In 1989, Midas was founded in Taipei county, Taiwan. We are an experienced and professional manufacturer of thick film hybrid circuit which could be applied in telecommunication, industrial control, and automotive.